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Chiropractics Myths

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This can be true if you are adjusted / manipulated by un-trained hands. However in the hands of a Living Chiropractic Chiropractor you are safe. All our Chiropractors have had at least 5 years of university training with a large amount of that time spent studying human physiology, spinal anatomy, radiology and neurology. Chiropractors graduate with the ability to take their own X-rays.

Instead of studying pharmacology and surgery, Chiropractic students spend a greater percentage of their time learning anatomy than medical doctors. This include up to 3 years of cadaver dissection. Medical Doctors later do more years of clinical internship.

This focus on science continues during the first two years of study, emphasizing classroom and laboratory work in anatomy, physiology, rehabilitation, public health, nutrition, microbiology, pathology and biochemistry. Later, the focus is on specialized subjects, including chiropractic philosophy and practice, along with chiropractic diagnosis, radiology and X-ray and adjusting methods and techniques that cannot be taught in any other health care field. It makes sense that someone who trains for longer on a specific technique will be safer and more effective than someone with less training. No other profession, including Physiotherapy or Medicine, focuses on spinal adjusting techniques to the degree of Chiropractors.

But first let’s look at the alternatives. Drugs, injections and over the counter medications such as aspirin and paracetamol do not reduce nerve blockage, they just numb the nervous system. All are associated with much higher risks than chiropractic. Surgery is also combined with even greater risk, and is invasive. Chiropractic remains the safest, most effective form of spinal therapy that exists today.



This is not true. Our skilled chiropractors at Living Chiropractic care for elderly and babies. Chiropractic is a gentle and safe technique of healing.?Every year Living Chiropractic delivers over 50,000 safe and effective adjustments. With most of our chiropractors having been in practice for more than 12 years without incident, it doesn’t take much to realize that in the hands of a Living Chiropractic Chiropractor you will be safe.

but that has started to change considerably in latter years and any doctor who first and foremost considers the welfare of his or her patient will consider Chiropractic care if that is the most appropriate treatment. Years of prejudice and bias are giving way to research showing the benefits of chiropractic care. Attitudes are slow to change. In fact in Western Australia it only became legal for a Medical Doctor to refer to a Chiropractor in 2000, due to a change in 42 year old legislation. As the public demands alternatives to drugs and surgery, more and more medical practitioners are referring to chiropractors.

During the past 113 years, evidence-based medicine has been used to review research studies and generate practice guidelines. Many studies of treatments used by chiropractors have been conducted. Chiropractic care has been found to be safe when applied skillfully and appropriately.  Living Chiropractic Chiropractors are currently involved in research at Murdoch University (Aus) and McTimoney College of Chiropractic (UK).

Let’s also answer this question with some others; How many runs must you go for to be fit for the rest of your life? At what point can you stop eating healthy food to maintain a healthy body? The reality is our bodies are under constant and continuing strain and this needs periodic check up’s. Often once patients experience what it is like to have their body working optimally they seldom wish to go back to their old self and elect to maintain this “healthy state.”




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