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What is Chiropractic ?

Chiropractic is the second largest healthcare profession is the world and is a non-invasive, effective and drug free approach to healthcare. It is based on the premise that the body is perfectly designed to heal itself and function at its best given no interference internally and a supportive environment externally.

Health and the ability to heal, the expression of life in your body, is determined internally by quality of communication via the nervous system between the brain and the body.  Your nervous system is housed in your skull and spinal column before it extends out to all the systems, organs and cells of the body.

The bones in the spine become misaligned because of all the physical, chemical and mental stresses we face in our day to day lives and the stresses and traumas of our past. These misalignments in the spine (called subluxations) create interference in the life-giving information between the brain and your body.

If this communication flow is interfered with via a subluxation, your body is not going to be able to operate at 100%, repair damage, revitalize or replace healthy cells or function normally. This is then ultimately manifested in the body as disease and sickness, or as a lack of health and healing – in other words symptoms.

Rather than focus on just treating the symptoms (or masking symptoms with drugs or surgery) and allowing the body to continue to fail; Chiropractic corrects misalignments in the spine and returns life-giving information flow and gives the body back its potential to heal itself and function normally.

Why Work on the Spine?

Your nervous system is housed in your skull and spinal column before it extends out to all organs and cells. The bones in the spine become misaligned because of all the physical, chemical and mental stresses we face in our day to day lives and from our past.  These misalignments in the spine, (called subluxations) create interference in the life-giving information from the brain getting to all your organs and cells in your body.

This results in dysfunction of the entire body, and causes sick and abnormal cells to be created instead of healthy normal cells in our organs and tissues. Instead of treating the symptoms of nerve interference through drugs or surgery, professional Chiropractic care corrects misalignments in the spine and returns life-giving information flow and normal function to the body.

This then allows the body to increase its potential for healing of any known disease or condition.


What is a Subluxation?

A vertebra in your spine that is out of position or alignment with the one above and below it resulting in pressure on the brain stem, spinal cord and spinal nerves as they exit the spine. This reduces mental impulses getting from the brain into the body and messages from the body getting back to the brain. Subluxations stop the brain from sending life into the body and limit’s the bodies’ potential expression of health and healing.

How Do We Get Subluxations?

Through stress in the form of physical, mental and chemical. Most babies have stress in the birthing process and during developmental stages of crawling and walking, a child on average falls over 5,000 times. Think of all the falls and accidents you have had since a child and place on top of that all the bad postures and positions you adopt watching television, on the computer, at work, reading, driving, during repetitive actions or lack of exercise. These are all major forms of physical stress to our body. Toxic chemical stress comes from poor eating habits and being exposed to environmental toxins. Our thoughts can change our physiology and our emotional state can manifest into physical forms – tightness, cramps, heart palpitations etc. The repetitive and cumulative stresses in our lives create imbalance and spinal subluxations.

Does Everyone Need Chiropractic… Children Included?

I have people come in and say “I need chiropractic, but my wife is OK and she doesn’t need it” or “My kids, parents, family, friends are fine and they don’t need it”.

Think of all the falls and bad postures you have had since a child, all the mental and emotional stresses, poor diet, all the years of accumulative body problems you have had, and then ask yourself  ‘Are my children, family and friends any different?”

These stresses put our body and spine out of balance and cause life-robbing spinal subluxations by stopping the brain from giving 100% nerve flow to all our tissues and cells.

Our body is recreating 2½ million new cells every minute! That’s new heart cells, new liver cells, new lung cells, new skin cells, new muscle cells – all the cells and tissues in our entire body. Reduced nerve flow caused by subluxations results in poorer quality cells to be re-created instead of healthy normal cells. Ensuring a subluxation-free spine in your loved ones and your children gives them the greatest potential to grow and be healthy.

How Long Will Chiropractic Care Take?

At Living Chiropractic our focus is to addressing not only your immediate concerns and getting you better, but more importantly ensuring that the body you have in the future allows you the greatest health and ability to enjoy your life well past your 60’s.

If we are allowed the time to ensure interference free nerve flow long enough, your body will recreate a healthier heart, liver, pituitary, lungs, muscles, bones etc and give your body back its potential to heal itself of any disease…. This is why we put you on programs of care and why we continue to adjust you over time. The length of time depends on the condition of your spine and the state of health you are in.

How long you decide to benefit from chiropractic care is always up to you.

The longer and more consistent you are at ensuring you get adjusted and remain subluxation free, the better your body will be at making the new you and the greater the insurance you have for a healthier future. No one else plans for your immediate concerns and long term wellbeing like we do!

What Are Symptoms?

Symptoms are the result of damage or abnormal function of your organs and body parts because of the inability of the brain to send 100% life into the body. Drugs simply remove symptoms not the underlying cause and continuing to take drugs to treat only the symptoms worsens the problem.

The symptoms can even increase while under the initial phases of care because the body is becoming more functional, more aware, not because it is getting worse. This is natural and healthy.

Symptoms can, and usually do, continue through the initial phases of care because the abnormal cells created by the previous loss of health have not yet been replaced by healthy ones. In time these abnormal cells will be replaced with normal ones and the symptoms will disappear – not because drugs masked them, but because of an increase of life in your body.

Remember, we do not fix anything your body does. It took time for the damage to occur and it takes time to correct it.

What Kind of Body Will You Have in One Year?

Our body is exchanging 2½ million cells every minute of our lives. The cells that make our organs and tissues only live for 40 days to 120 days. They are constantly being replaced and the quality of those new cells depends on the brain’s ability to both read and respond to changes in the body and send 100% life into the body.

We have a new heart, a new liver, new kidneys, new bladder, new thyroid and so on, every six months. All our major organs are replaced and are new every six months so that each year you will virtually have a new body. The type of body depends on you.

These organs, like every tissue in our body are made from the food we eat and the things we do and things we think. Everything we eat and do creates who we are. All the cells and organs come from the energy we put in. What converts that energy into our new cells, organs, tissues (ligaments, muscles, bone) is the 100% free flow of nerve impulses from the brain getting into the body.

Do you have a plan for good health, high quality of life and are certain you will be able to continue to do the things you love past your 60’s.



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