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Tummy Time!

Too often in practice does a mother tell me that her baby hates tummy time, and that its a stressful to try and enforce it stressful for both the baby and the mother. If your baby begins to cry as you introduce tummy time into their routine, it’s important to know that it is not […]

8 Ways to increase Movement

I recently attended a pregnant and pediatric chiropractic conference, sitting with my head flexed forward buried into my notes, and my legs semi crossed  for  hours on end, I started experiencing a stabbing pain in my lower back which forced me to get and move! When I think back  the pain really shouldn’t of been […]

Exercise for Smarter Children?

By definition exercise is an activity that requires physical movement  to sustain or improve health, so really its anything that elevates our heart rate for a period of time.  We all know that exercise improves our cardiovascular system, helps maintain our hormonal system, increases brain function and impacts our overall health. Making our bones and […]

Chiropractic for Wellness

Chiropractic for Wellness Stress that can impact our spinal health and overall well-being can be categorised  into three main areas of stress. Physical, Chemical and Emotional. Physical Stress : This is the most common form of stress that patients relate to. The physical stress that impacts our bodeis occur throughout our life. From learning how […]

4 Step formula to buying a new mattress!

Goldilocks had the right idea when she chose the bed that wasn’t “Too Soft” or “Too Hard” but was “Just Right”. Picking the right mattress isn’t easy, with so many different varieties and types it can be overwhelming. By following our 4 step formula you will be able to have a good night rest  and […]

Scoliosis is your Adolescent affected?

I was recently asked by a long term patient of mine how a scoliosis can impact her adolescent daughter? Since scoliosis  is more common in females then males, and most commonly starts its formation during growth spurts in the adolescent years , I think this is an important question to address. Scoliosis by definition in […]

5 ways to reduce your Headaches by 90%

You recently came in to Living Chiropractic or you have expressed your concern about headaches and migraines you have been suffering with. 9/10 people suffer from headaches that can be quite debilitating the most common cause is due to tension arising from the neck. We are sharing our 5 tips  that will help reduce the aches in your head  by […]

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